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The INTEX SA wasfounded in 1947 in Chiasso, Switzerland. The company deals with distribution withinSwitzerland, international shipments to and from all Europe towards Italy andSwitzerland, bonded warehouses, customs customs clearance, fiscalrepresentations and Intrastat. It is also very active in sea and air shipments, with qualified partners worldwide. The most important markets are now the Far East(China, Vietnam Indonesia, Japan, Korea) India, USA,and South America, both for import and for export. The distribution through Europe, with departuresfrom Milan, reaches every European country both with daily "shuttle" servicesand traditional ones to more distant countries such as Tunisia and Morocco. A different service concerns the express deliverydone with dedicated vehicles and the transportation of fine art for anydestination in Europe end USA. Being a small company particular attention is givento customers who are followed step by step with personalized services forall their needs. Our qualified staff also offers advice ontransports, fiscal and customs issues regarding both Italy and Switzerland. The expertise and constant commitment ensure themonitoring of goods and a quality service that goes to the benefit ofcustomers.


Passion  -  Esperience  -  Professionalism

Deliveries throughout Switzerland
directly from the platform of
in 24 hours in Ticino. 48/72 hour rest ofSwitzerland.
every evening to and from terminals in Geneva Basel, Zurich, Lucerne and St.Gallen.
A specialized
distribution network andreliable
for both small packages and for
industrial shipments.


Daily direct links
with major airports in both Italy and Switzerland and with Italian and
northern European seaports.
Services groupages
direct and well-established by air and
FCL / LCL bysea to/from China, Vietnam Indonesia, Japan, Korea,India, Bangladesh, Australia, USA, Canada and South America.
track and trace to and from Indonesia
one of our major markets.


Collections and daily deliveries All across Italy directly from Chiasso-Novazzano Montano Lucino (Como) and Milan, with our partners for groupage and fullloads.

Express service for parcels up to 30 Kgs with distribution in 24/48/72 hours throughout Italy

As we are just
on theborder between Italy and Switzerland one of our major skills are customs services.
Advice and assistance
from our professionalsin close contact with the customs authorities ofboth countries, both on line and personally
will help in solving any problem related
to this aspect of transportation.In our depots located in Como and Milan, we provide you withfiscal deposits and customs warehouses for all needs.

In collaboration with our
correspondents we have daily
departures from both terminals in
Como and Milan to major European cities(EU and not EU).
Particular attention was given to the choice of our partners, for their reliability credibility, competence and security. FASHION service hanging garments.
Motor vehicles (delivery vans, trucks) equipped for transporting hanging garments to and from Romania
Tunisia and Morocco.
Fine art service.
Pick-up and delivery to and from
major Europe anauction houses with completion of all customs formalities related.


Intrastat declarations, temporary
imports /exports, VAT deposits, demand ministerial licenses, tax representation documentation, customs consultancy
all at your disposal.



International shipments and transport

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